Do you want to help someone, but it doesn’t cost you anything? You can help us! It will only cost you a little time to get to the tax inspectorate!
Go to the tax inspectorate with the bulletin and request to be redirected 2% of the income tax for the Moldovan Association for Biosafety and Biosecurity (MDBBA), code 1017620004120.

You don’t lose anything, because during 2019, 12% income tax has already been deducted from your salary. The 2% will be redirected from there !!!

With this gesture you help the Association:

To carry out several professional training activities in the field, to increase the awareness of the staff involved in the handling of biological agents (laboratory workers, epidemiologists, hygienists, biologists, clinicians, veterinarians, etc.);
In organizing scientific events, training courses, exhibitions of laboratory medical equipment with the participation of professionals from the country and abroad;
In awarding scholarships or research, participation in specialized events in the country and abroad of young people;
When publishing the results of research and studies in the journal of the association One Health & Risk Management;
At the awarding of the most active members of the association for the achievements obtained.


  Download the form by clicking here