The mission of the Youth Group for Education and Awareness on Biosafety and Biosecurity is:

  • To promote the image and activities of the ABBRM association and One Health & Risk Management magazine;
  • To promote the association’s website and the journal in social networks, media sources, scientific communities of young researchers;
  • To plan and organize promotional activities (round tables, training workshops, competitions (drawings, essays, poems, skits, videos, etc.); interactive meetings; surveys, studies, flashmobs, etc.) jointly with professionals from GPDBB in order to educate and sensitize specialists in the field on the aspects of biosafety and biosecurity.
Young people for education and awareness on biosafety and biosecurity

Bogrug Nicoleta

Gîncu Mariana

Iaconi Oana

Pancenco Gheorghe

Rața Vadim

Țapu Livia