The scientific journal is aimed at publishing high-quality articles, provided by experts worldwide, regarding human, animal, and environmental health, as well as risk management approaches that will enhance comprehensive knowledge of these issues.

              GEPSJ members will promote the educational goals of the journal within the academic setting. Thus, the practitioners and researchers will have the opportunity to disseminate their scientific and practical activity results, as well as refer to some theoretical issues, regarding the most outstanding and acute challenges/problems in the field.

              Subsequently, GEPSJ will analyze and select the most relevant and original articles related to the social field (research methods and reports, safety practices, as well as conference presentations), which have been assessed during the pre-selection stage via peer- review.

              GEPSJ members will contribute to promoting and developing modern scientific goals by mediating fundamental, applied and meritorious researches, excellent scientific results and new technologies from various fields.

Publication Ethical Policies