The MDBBA is a professional coordinator and agent for disseminating knowledge in the field of biosafety and biosecurity. The association aims to support and improve professional training in the field, as well as to develop good national and international practices, to increase the awareness of the personnel involved in the handling of biological agents (laboratory workers, epidemiologists, hygienists, biologists, clinicians, veterinarians, etc.).

               The MDBBA supports the scientific research carried out by the members of the association, improving the activity carried out in the field of biosafety and biosecurity and complying it with the European Union standards.

               The association takes efforts in organizing scientific events, training courses, medical laboratory equipment exhibitions and presentations of modern and high-performance medical diagnostics, with the participation of professionals in the country and abroad. These events are organized in collaboration with public and private medical institutions, companies and other legal organizations.

               The association mediates the granting of study or research scholarships in the country and abroad, as well as participation in specialized events in the country and abroad; it publishes research and study results in the association`s journal and other specialized sources; it organizes the awarding process of the most active association members for the achievements obtained.

               The association, through its activity, promotes the modern scientific phenomenon and its development, promotes valuable fundamental and applied research in various fields, new technologies and scientific performance results.