Rights and freedoms of the MDBBA members

By becoming a member of the MDBBA, you can have the following rights:

               1. access to informative materials in the field (standards, guidelines, national and international regulations);

               2. free participation in the MDBBA training programs, workshops both in the country and abroad;

               3. development of good practices in handling biological agents;

               4. involvement in the development of guidelines, standards, Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) in the field;

               5. advice provided by national and international experts on unclear topics;

               6. reducing the annual conference registration and participation fees of the association;

               7. sponsoring the international events in the field;

               8. publishing articles in the scientific-practical journal of “One Health & Risk Management” association;

               9. building collaborative relationships with professionals from other international associations regarding biosafety & biosecurity.